Development of Academic Program on Energy Systems Planning and Analysis in Nepal


Nepal, though endowed with abundant hydropower resources, has been facing energy crises for a long time. Energy access and sustainable development of renewable energy resources are a major concern for developing countries. With the growing volatility in the international oil markets, oil importing developing countries have become the most vulnerable nations with adverse impact on their economies.

Center for Energy Studies (CES) at the Institute of Engineering (IOE) of Tribhuvan University (TU) has joined hands with the Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics at Vienna University of Technology, with the objectives of building capacity of energy systems planning and analysis for developing sustainable energy policies in the country and creating awareness for the universal access to electricity. The project will be instrumental in conducting a Master’s program for Energy Systems Planning and Management at the IOE. The planners and managers educated by this program will be highly required for the development of hydropower resources in the country. Besides, a unit for energy systems planning and analysis has been set up at the CES. This unit will be involved in developing various energy policy scenarios in order to advise policy-makers and to create awareness among the stakeholders involved in sustainable energy development.